Protect  Your Digital Identities with Real-time breach detection

Identify and mitigate credential compromises within hours of a breach with our real-time breach database.
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The Critical Need for Early Detection of Compromised Credentials

Compromised credentials – stolen usernames, passwords, or cookies – are one of the most significant vulnerabilities that organizations face today. These breached credentials act as an open invitation for attackers, granting them easy access to your systems and sensitive data. Once inside, cybercriminals can wreak havoc on your organization, unleashing devastating consequences such as:

  • Crippling ransomware attacks: Attackers can encrypt your critical data and demand ransom payments, bringing your operations to a standstill and causing significant financial losses.
  • Massive data leaks: Breached credentials can lead to the theft and exposure of sensitive customer information, intellectual property, and confidential business data, resulting in severe reputational damage and potential legal repercussions.
  • Irreparable business damage: The fallout from compromised credentials can be far-reaching, eroding customer trust, straining partner relationships, and attracting negative media attention, all of which can have a lasting impact on your organization’s bottom line and future growth prospects.


Stay Ahead of Cyber Threats 
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Twilight Cyber’s Solutions

Asset Protection

Identify compromised credentials swiftly, with our real-time dark web monitoring you can prevent unauthorized access, data breaches, and financial losses.

In case of leaked credentials within your organization, Twilight Cyber’s extremely fast detection will notify you within hours, giving you a critical head start in containing the threat.

Account Takeover Prevention

Authenticate credential security instantly during each user login and swiftly identify compromised machines and credentials, prempting potential breaches with our  proprietary real-time database.

Twilight Cyber’s ATO Prevention (T-ATOP) updates compromised machine and credential information on an hourly basis — far surpassing the weekly or monthly updates offered by traditional “Threat intelligence” platforms.

Partner / Supply Chain Protection

A single vulnerability in your third-party vendor's security can open the door to devastating cyberattacks on your organization. Compromised credentials can provide attackers with an easy entry point into your systems through your digital supply chain.

Twilight Cyber's Supply Chain Protection efficiently identifies compromised credentials of your third-party vendors in near real-time, safeguarding your organization from the devastating consequences of supply chain breaches.

OT Network & Critical Infrastructure Protection

Safeguard your SCADA network and connected machines from compromised credentials through real-time monitoring and near real-time breach detection.
Through rapid mitigation, you can prevent escalation and ensure the integrity of your critical infrastructure.

As a pure SaaS solution, we provide swift, hassle-free compromised OT machine credential detection for Enterprises, MSSPs, and Government agencies without any installation or integration requirements.

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Co-Founder and CEO

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Co-Founder and CTO

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